MOUNT WESTMORE drops this impressive trending song titled “Bad MF’s“ after long anticipation, and made it available for Free Mp3 Download. It has been a great achievement that MOUNT WESTMORE still drops songs for her Fans and also keeps his career alive.

Mt. Westmore is a rap supergroup consisting of four acclaimed west-coast rappers Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, E-40 and Too $hort. The name is a play on Mt. Rushmore, a famous monument in South Dakota featuring four former US presidents.

The project was announced in December 2020. In March, Too $hort told Stereogum the group had recorded 50 songs, and rapper/producer Dr. Dre is involved. The group made their first live appearance in April 2021, and their first single “Big Subwoofer” dropped in October. The first “volume” of albums to come is expected on 4/20/22.

The hit is making sense and you can’t afford to miss it, go down, Stream or Download it! Enjoy!

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[Intro: Samuel L. Jackson & Tim Roth from Pulp Fiction]
I want you to go in that bag and find my wallet
Which one is it?
It’s the one that says bad motherf*cker

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[Verse 1: Snoop Dogg]
Band of brothers, laughing at them others
Gang from the gutter, some bad motherfuckers
Hands on everything, the path of a hustler
My cash looking good, pulling big numbers
Hustling non-stop, getting everything I need
If Snoop Dogg coming, you gon’ smell the weed
If Doggy in the building and everybody chillin’
You best believe I’m here makin’ a cool million
I’m in your meeting room, feet on your table
Smoking my own brand, kush from the land
Laying out the plan, million-dollar man
And I ain’t moving ’til a nigga put it in my hand
A hundred grand just to make a nigga dance
Big money moves, a lot of shaking hands
A lot of day ones I done gave a chance
I used to make due, now I make demands
With four aces in my hand
I used to make due, now I make demands (Yeah)
Bad motherfucker, I took the game and ran

[Verse 2: Too $hort]
I don’t mind if she call me Too $hort
‘Cause I got a big ass dick
Don’t ask, all the money’s in the stash
And I’ma put some more cash in there
I know I can’t take it with me when I pass
Me and this cash gon’ turn to ashes
If I ain’t legendary, if I ain’t classic
That’s the end of my story, that’s it
I could live the good life, everything is fine
But when I’m gone I leave everything behind
Except the love, that’s my legacy
You wanna be a boss but you’ll never be
I came up with gangsters, pimps and hoes
J.R. Rider, GP, and J. Kidd, they know
About life on the edge in Oakland
Dame Dolla and Beast Mode, I know they know it
You survive in The Town, you a bad motherfucker
Anywhere you go, you a bad motherfucker
Can’t tell where I’m from, don’t ask me nothing
Make me pull up with them niggas from The Town and start dumping


[Verse 3: Ice Cube]
Damn, we some bad motherfuckers
Yeah, I feel sorry for you suckers
Niggas bad like your grandmama wig
Niggas bad like your pissy ass kids
Bitch push, I’m the big bad wolf
Light this kush and blow off your roof
I don’t know where the good guys finish
All I know is I’m standing with the winners
Youngsters wanna be my apprentice
Say less, put up your antennas
Big bad wolf in your neighborhood
Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good
I ain’t bad like shaking with your left
I ain’t bad like this nigga breath
I ain’t bad like a NBA ref
I am bad like that nigga Hugh Hef
I’m a bad motherf*cker
We some bad motherf*ckers
Yeah, we act like brothers but won’t hesitate to drag motherfuckers

[Verse 4: E-40]
Uh, I’m a bad MF
I don’t talk under my breath, I say it with my chest
Stood the test of time, I’m a timer
Been a millionaire since I was minor
“A minor?” Yeah, I’m the shit
I might be extra’d out, stretching the truth a little bit
But uh, it didn’t happen overnight in an instance
I rubbed two sticks, kept it lit like a incense
I been around since dinosaur urine (Urine)
You been around, since when? Yesterday (Testify)
If these rocks band could do it, we could do it (Preach)
We gonna be rappin’ ’til we way passed gray (Hello)
I gas your favorite rapper, especially when I get to rapping fast
Spittin’ that ’91 octane gas, I’m the future and the past
You can ask Birdman and Master P about me (What they’ll say?)
They’ll probably easily tell you that I gave ’em the recipe
I, uh (What you see?), I see no lies in that
40, say it loud for the people in the back
40, you the father I never had
What you mean? Your lyrics taught me more than my dad
I’m on your team


[Outro: E-40]
That’s what they say to me, man
They say “40, your lyrics taught me more than my dad, bro
Like you the father I never had, bro”
And I say “Man, I just was tryna play my position, man, and carry out my assignment
I was put on this earth ’cause I’m a bad motherf*cker”

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