MOUNT WESTMORE – Ghetto Gutter


MOUNT WESTMORE – Ghetto Gutter

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MOUNT WESTMORE drops this impressive trending song titled “Ghetto Gutter“ after long anticipation, and made it available for Free Mp3 Download. It has been a great achievement that MOUNT WESTMORE still drops songs for her Fans and also keeps his career alive.

Mt. Westmore is a rap supergroup consisting of four acclaimed west-coast rappers Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, E-40 and Too $hort. The name is a play on Mt. Rushmore, a famous monument in South Dakota featuring four former US presidents.

The project was announced in December 2020. In March, Too $hort told Stereogum the group had recorded 50 songs, and rapper/producer Dr. Dre is involved. The group made their first live appearance in April 2021, and their first single “Big Subwoofer” dropped in October. The first “volume” of albums to come is expected on 4/20/22.

The hit is making sense and you can’t afford to miss it, go down, Stream or Download it! Enjoy!

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[Intro: Ice Cube]
Ayy, man (Ghetto)
They can take a nigga out of the ghetto
But not the ghetto out a nigga
It ain’t where you from, it’s how you come (Ghetto)
[Verse 1: E-40]
Man, I’m choosin’, use you for the mob
Rollin’ on Shay, Calvin in time (Ghetto)
Rollin’ out your speakers, slap ’em in your ear-thigh
I just bought a Chevy, ’bout to paint an eggnog
Two exhaust, a few rejected
This gon’ be the bite club’s most requested (Ghetto)
Bitch, I’m woke like insomnia (Insomnia)
Everything I do, I do it mafia (Mafia)
Hurt me like a parking meter, bitch, I’m a boss (Uh)
A killer like Louisiana hot sauce (Ghetto)
Does anybody out there, think a factory reset (Uh)
Fuck around and get your head knocked off
All your stains on the driveway, cyphin’ the petrol
F*ck an iPhone, bitch, I got me a jet, bro (Ghetto)
I feel I was being broke
Used to add a little water to the bottom of the jet
So, I’m ghetto, I dig feet
I’m ghetto like tire marks in the street (In the street, ghetto)
Ghetto like gettin’ peach (Bitch, please)
Ghetto like a punishment for weeks (For weeks)
[Verse 2: Snoop Dogg]
Slapboxin’ with the Gs
I’m ghetto like irooneon on my stomach, tryna melt the cheese (Ghetto)
And I’m still in the game
And I’m ghetto like a nigga puttin’ hot sauce on everything
(Ghetto, ghetto, ghetto)
Lil’ nigga tryna act harder
Backflippin’ in the backyard
I’m ghetto like spendin’ meal tickets on a house, all cash
I’m like Carter
Nigga can’t find a bell, use a shoe string (Ghetto)
This ghetto gon’ show a nigga what the truth brings
My b*tch in the kitchen cookin’ up a few things (Ghetto)
Twerkin’ that ass left and right, and hookin’ up some chicken wings
And my black ghetto *ss don’t need a ghetto pass
He wants bullshit, I’ma let the metal blast
Long Beach, SWAT me, grab your dash
First nigga at the school gettin’ head in class
So ghetto, play ’em like the cello (What?)
Nigga, hustle hard, and I never settle (Ghetto)
I keep it so ghetto, I sound good acapella-o
Sm*kin’ good shit, baby, hello
[Verse 3: Ice Cube]
Mama, can I go outside?
Niggas havin’ fun on that slip and slide (Ghetto)
Doin’ acrobatics on the dirty mattress
I’m in the bathroom playin’ with matches
INT catchers, that’s anass-whoopin”
Grandmomma callin’, a fast whoopin’ (Ghetto)
Clappin’ on that window, pain
Homegirl down the street give me brains
Daddy comes home with the dope on the game
Out the backdoor, hold my chain (Ghetto)
Drop off the flu, hit the vision, cool
Got another triple-double, shootin’ something new
Ghetto motherfucker spttin’ the truth
Don’t need a loop, don’t need a booth (Ghetto)
Just eat on the table, lyrics are fatal
Don’t need a deal, don’t need a label
Hello, nigga ghetto, it’s falsetto, yeah
Bought it back as a tea kettle
Down the crack medal, give me yellow
Tear it up, foot on the gas
[Verse 4: Too $hort]
I love chicken and rice, any way you cook it
Beans on the side, it’s okay if you lookin’ (Ghetto)
Moms might make you a plate
Go get some leftovers, we already ate
I’ma feed the whole hood if it’s on the stove
And I keep the ghetto with me when I’m on the road (Ghetto)
We gettin’ money in the ghetto (Gettin’ money)
And the only way you did it, I ain’t federal
Ain’t gotta go to court (Or?), or play sports
And you ain’t gotta pimp hoes like Too $hort (Ghetto)
I see the homies outside, sellin’ crack
It’s no way out if you stuck in the trap
Intoxicated, you walk by, there’s a leg, though
Livin’ life in the ghetto (Ghetto)
He talkin’, “Momma, you’ll go get it?”
She said, “Boy, stay away from the dope dealers”
F*ck IG, this ain’t TikTok
The niggas on the block sellin’ big rocks
Look at all the money, might get shot
You should be on Wall Street tradin’ stocks

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