MOUNT WESTMORE – Mt. Westmore Pt. 1


MOUNT WESTMORE – Mt. Westmore Pt. 1

DOWNLOAD MOUNT WESTMORE – Mt. Westmore Pt. 1 1 MP3, MP4 & Lyrics

MOUNT WESTMORE drops this impressive trending song titled “Mt. Westmore Pt. 1“ after long anticipation, and made it available for Free Mp3 Download. It has been a great achievement that MOUNT WESTMORE still drops songs for her Fans and also keeps his career alive.

Mt. Westmore is a rap supergroup consisting of four acclaimed west-coast rappers Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, E-40 and Too $hort. The name is a play on Mt. Rushmore, a famous monument in South Dakota featuring four former US presidents.

The project was announced in December 2020. In March, Too $hort told Stereogum the group had recorded 50 songs, and rapper/producer Dr. Dre is involved. The group made their first live appearance in April 2021, and their first single “Big Subwoofer” dropped in October. The first “volume” of albums to come is expected on 4/20/22.

The hit is making sense and you can’t afford to miss it, go down, Stream or Download it! Enjoy!

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MOUNT WESTMORE – Mt. Westmore Pt. 1 Lyrics

This man needs no introduction
One of the forefathers of Gangsta Rap
Mr. F*ck The Police himself
From South-Central Los Angeles
Ice Cube

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[Verse 1: Ice Cube]
Gangsta, gangsta, tell me how you done it?
Take you worldwide, but keep it one-hundred
Straight runnin’, America’s most wanted
Y’all can pump your brakes, I’ma gun it
My affect, yeah, I cause damage
Niggas on my shit like a fuckin’ kidney sandwich
Fightin’ in the drive-thru
From here to the Bay, you crippin’ or Pyru?
I’ll never have some barbecue
And talk about the tendencies of a real enemy
We gotta figure it out
While some motherfuckers want to nigga it out
I keep ten toes down and they drip the ground
Head too big, the fifth of crown
The fat lady sing, that’s all she wrote
I got to be the greatest if I ain’t Snoop Dogg, nigga

[Interlude 1]
Now, this man’s greatest word is “Bitch”
He loves it so much that he had it trademarked
And tattooed on his neck
Comin’ from the Eastside of Oakland with seventy-five girls
One of ’em might be your baby mama
Please welcome, Too $hort

[Verse 2: Too $hort]
Yeah, most of that shit is true
I make a whole lot of motherf*ckin’ money too (Bitch)
And I don’t need nothing from you
Because I’m killin’ y’all rappers when I come through
That’s what I told her, yeah, I’m gettin’ older
I’m still weirdo ’cause my gang is colder
Stay in it but I’m not too loud
I do a whole lot of shit I don’t talk about
‘Cause I don’t need to brag when I’m gettin’ the bag
I’m too used to it, you probably new to it
Gettin’ bills, but don’t forget who you are
Or where you come from, you a superstar
Can’t f*ck with you ’cause you could never do me
Thirty-five bills, longevity
I won’t stay to the ground, no gravity
And you still lookin’ up to me, like I’m your Papi’


[Interlude 2]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Please stand for the ambassador of the Bay
The hustler, the entrepeneur
The tycoon, the dome with the sproom
King of playin’ with [?]

[Verse 3: E-40]
I can see from your organs that you got to eat
Let her be up in my section, generational wealth is what I see
Off flippin’ the game and lettin’ up with my renegade
That talk is hot from the Bay, you want a 20K?
Label your farmers, how you comin’, where you at?
And what I do, I carry a gat, I gotta blast
And homie gots to take one from the floor, the Bay
But that ain’t gon’ happen today if I was a fork, okay?
The way that I’m makin’ my mils, I’m here blazin’
We from a town where we had to prove ourself, LA
Well, from the appreciated rapper on the planet
F*ck you [?]
I’m sayin, bar
Imagine my master if I buy a house in Carmero
It come with a spoon, silver rito’s like Taco Bell
I came with the spoon, I smoke some shit by today (Bitch)
You come with tycoons, I wind the liquor upstairs (Bitch)

Now’s the time for the biggest of all dogs
The Big Dogg, The Calvin Dogg
Mr. 2-1-3, Long Beach is in the building
Everybody, hide your weed
‘Cause he’ll smoke you out a house at home
Throw your bodies up for Snoop Dogg

[Verse 4: Snoop Dogg]
Wrist cold, f*ck, comin’ in, it’s the boss
Drop the shit shocks, that shit ain’t my fault
The fight’s are fault in all cars I bought
Two-time villain, ain’t no tellin’ if you cold
Take that loss, don’t get crossed
Ding-ding-bang, say cheese, look what we found
New details in the Bay
We the grandkids of the slaves y’all couldn’t kill
For that E-quill y’all put on us
Always tear this motherf*ckin’ club up
Ls taken facts, so for that
Motherf*cker, take that
And every nigga that I know is impossible
But welcome to the school, nigga, I am your principal
And did I mention (What?)
That I’m the crook at the cook in the crippin’ kitchen


[Outro: Snoop Dogg]
And there you have it

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