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‘Cause you don’t have a blueprint on how to be a father, because
Your father wasn’t around so what is it like knowin’ that, you’re kinda goin’ through this blindly
Like, and, and I wonder what’s your relationship with your father now
Yeah-yeah, uh

Safe as my diary
Sayin’ what’s right to me
Hang from a dyin’ tree
Slave to anxiety
Hateful biology ’cause
I barely know you so how you give me your qualities?
Bother me, shit
It gotta be a way for you, I know I been away from you
You tell me ’bout the world and all the innocence its take from you
I really got this hate for you, I really hate for me ’cause niggas say I got my face from you
This feelin’ ain’t sustainable but ain’t it true? Uh
That plate you gave me got salt in my open wounds, uh
Watch what you eat, know you is what you done consumed, uh
My heart like twenty below with a lot of fumes
That just taught me how to breathe inside a toxic room
My feet cold, remove my shoes and know I felt sky
My head fried, make me think Heaven low and Hell high
Can tell why you overwhelmed just know I overstand
When you look inside the body of a broken man
That’s really me, uh

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If I reach into my end (If I reach into my end)
That could be my sweet revenge (Ooh, ooh, ah-ah)
I might leave, just might not land (Leave, just might not land)
Scream and catch me if you can

Niggas swear blamin’ their daddy issues is gonna heal ’em
Like you still ain’t shit
I don’t understand what’s not clickin’
Ain’t nobody ever tell you daddy issues ain’t in style no more?
Like, please get out my face and go find another excuse

Part II

I think I’m too bougie now so I can’t get caught in no Wingstop
I think that your top three got a year left, gave ’em three tops (Damn)
All my shit full of heat rock (Mm)
All my shit full of Reeboks (Mm, oh shit)
Name a bitch that I see a lot? (Name one)
Hit ’em all with the, “Oh, wait”
Hit ’em all with the, [?] (Hit ’em all with the, ayy, yeah)

You niggas boo-boo (Turn the beat up, hit ’em all with the, ayy, yeah)
I’m goin’ to DEFCON (I’m goin’ to DEF)
Just want the respect, uh (Just want the respect)
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah, uh
No one at DEFCON (No one at DEF)
Just want the respect, uh (Oh shit)
It’s all of this bodies that’s up in the air, you just gotta catch one, oh shit
You know how it go, created the flow and this is my test run, on me
Think that I left somethin’ on me
Know I got stepsons, oh shit (Oh shit)
Don’t tell my bitch on me (Don’t tell my bitch on me)
If you catch me outside cheatin’, just don’t snitch on me (Just don’t snitch on me)
Go ‘head and tell your favorite rapper that I’m big homie (That I’m big homie)
Ayy, man, I thought you had my back, why you go switch on me, shit on me?
Activated my ratchetness ’cause shit that’s when I’m at my best, uh
Watchin’ all of my steps, pressed that her baby daddy can’t dress, uh
Hoes here to fill holes up, and this emptiness in my chest, uh
Lord, I might break, oh shit
Tryna dissect, tryna fight straight
Just tryna fight you, tryna fight me, uh
I don’t want love, I just want head, tryna be free, uh
I became king inside the same town as Dot and YG
Aight, we gon’ see, woah
Aight it’s on me, uh


That’s why I think a nigga too bougie now so I can’t get caught in no Wingstop
I think that your top three got a year left, gave ’em three tops
All my shit full of heat rock
All my shit full of Reeboks (Oh shit)
Name a bitch that I see a lot?
Hit ’em all with the, “Oh, wait”
Hit ’em all with the, “Get up out” (Hit ’em all)

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