XXXTENTACION drops this impressive trending song titled “​​YuNg BrAtZ“ after long anticipation, and made it available for Free Mp3 Download. It has been a great achievement that XXXTENTACION still drops songs for her Fans and also keeps his career alive.

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy (January 23, 1998 – June 18, 2018) was born in Plantation and raised in Lauderhill, Broward County, Florida)—better known by his stage name, XXXTENTACION (pronounced xxx-tenta-ción)—was an established force in the Florida Soundcloud rap scene. He became widely known for his uniquely raw and aggressive approach to music. X claimed that his varied artistic influences range from alternative rock bands such as Nirvana and The Fray to distinguished rappers like Lil Wayne and The Notorious B.I.G.

His breakout hit “Look At Me” was first released on Soundcloud in 2015, and then edited and re-released for his 2017 mixtape Revenge. This scored him an appearance in the XXL Freshman Class of 2017. He took the 10th spot, meaning he was voted in by the fans.

The hit is making sense and you can’t afford to miss it, go down, Stream or Download it! Enjoy!

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Listen and Download XXXTENTACION – ​​YuNg BrAtZ Mp3 Below:


You Can Watch The YouTube Video Below:

Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Bros on your block with that Glock, right now (Ooh, hey, ayy, too much, ooh)
Try me like an opp (Ayy!) and indeed, get shot down, okay (Hey, ooh)
Okay (Ayy)
Ayy she wanna, she wanna l-l-l*ck my d*ck like- like a what? (Nice!) (Hey, hey, hey, ooh, hey, ooh, hey, huh, yah)
L*ck my d*ck like Lil Wayne lollipop, huh! (Huh, yah, hoo)
Hi, my name’s Ryan! (Yeah, hey, hey, hey, hey, ooh, ayy)
What do they call me? Call me wolf in sheep’s skin? (Yah, ayy, ayy, yah, ahoo)

[Verse 1]
Try me, might fight (Ayy), fist f*ck, on sight
Wrist heavy, fat dyke, pop Molly, Mike Ike
I got glacial white ice and my b*tch rack nice
And I do fight dykes, ride my d*ck like a bike (Ayy, ayy, ayy)


[Verse 2]
I got black in my voots (Yah, ooh), my name’s Toby, like I’m Roots (Ayy, wow)
Grab that bat, “Hey Bruce” (Hey, hey, hey), swing that b*tch might lose a tooth (Whatever)
She s*ck d*ck with no tooth (Hey, hey), my nose runny like, “Achoo”
With that p**sy (Hey, hey), I got coins, might insert right in her groin
It’s like jelly, ayy (Wow, hey), d*ck right in her belly, uh, yuh (Ow!)
Baby got back, yuh (Hey), b*tch, come look at my tats, (Damn!) uh, yuh
You got taxed (Hey, hey), yuh, my head big like Bratz, uh, yuh (Hey, hey)
Dump that b*tch (Woo), yuh, who gonna hold my racks, uh, huh (Yah)


Yea-ea-eah, uh
Say somethin’

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